Learn & Earn

Our meticulously designed MVP has successfully secured a remarkable $2.5 million in funding for the product.

Continuum,  Learn & Earn app in 21 days
3 Design Sprints

Design was delivered in 21 days

1K+ frames

Full design flows ready for development

500+ components

Ready-made design system

Continuum upskills the next generation of designers through tik-tok style courses, ai, and expert guidance with career-focused objectives.

A pioneering Web3 product that combines learning and earning opportunities seamlessly.
Continuum preview
IOS & Android app design

Through our design assistance, Continuum's primary iOS and Android app achieved a significant milestone by attracting 20,000 users.

Continuum image
Continuum image

By partnering with Octalysis, a renowned leader in gamification, we delivered an unparalleled design experience, infusing gamification elements to enhance every facet of the user journey.

Continuum image
Continuum image
Social Feed and Quizes

Catering primarily to the Gen Z demographic, we introduced a user-friendly content reel tailored for short-form videos, addressing the preferences and habits of this dynamic audience.

Continuum image
Continuum image
Token and NFTs

Among the prominent features, tradable tokens took center stage, enhancing user engagement. Notably, NFTs were utilized as a testament to successful course competition outcomes, adding a unique dimension to the experience.

Continuum image
Continuum image
Huge Design System

By implementing an atomic component-based design system, we've empowered the creation of a versatile framework.

This approach allows the design to be assembled like building blocks, enabling a modular and efficient construction process.

500+ Components
Answerly Design System
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